Meet Your Instructors

Your safety and enjoyment is our priority

Not only have we pioneered exciting trips around the world (from the Himalayas and High Atlas of Morocco) we are also the organisers of the most popular paragliding competition in the world –  the GIN Wide Open.  Passion Paragliding are also world leaders in advanced training courses for pilots at the very top level of the sport.   If you are already qualified, we are here to help you no matter how ambitious you are (Full details on our advanced trips and courses website here)

At our Training Centre in Ager, Spain, you will learn how to fly your paraglider whilst on holiday in the sunshine surrounded by the wild and spectacular mountain scenery of the Pyrenees.  You will also learn using brand new equipment and be taught by some of the most talented instructors and pilots in the world.

No matter how excited (or nervous!) you are, our experienced team is here help you on your journey to becoming a qualified pilot.

Toby Colombé – Chief Flying Instructor

Toby is a BHPA Senior Instructor and a World Champion Pilot: He holds a paragliding Cross Country distance World Record and is a former British Paragliding Team member.  He is the Chief Flying Instructor of Passion Paragliding which he founded in 2005.

Toby has taught and guided thousands of students all over the world.  He is fun and approachable and dedicated to sharing his passion for flying with his students.

Mike Agnew – Instructor

Mike is a very experienced BHPA Instructor and as a professional tandem pilot has travelled all over the world to share his passion for paragliding.  He has all the qualities you’d ever want of an instructor.  He is both calm and attentive and always patient.  His wealth of experience both as a pilot, guide and an instructor make him a hugely valuable team member.

With Mike as your instructor, you’re sure to make quick and safe progress with your qualifications.

Genís Segura Roca – Instructor

Genis an experienced Instructor and professional tandem pilot.  He lives and flies in Ager all year round and is a natural teacher.  He’s the most patient person you’re ever likely to meet and passionate about sharing his love for paragliding with his students.  He is also a wealth of information on all things Catalonian.

With Genis you’re in safe and confident hands.