Second hand paragliders

All our second hand kit is thoroughly tested so you can buy with confidence.

BGD Adam (EN-A) Size ML (90-110)

The BGD Adam is a safe EN-A glider. Easy to launch with exceptional roll stability, impeccable spiral behaviour and optimised line layout.

More info from BGD website

Airtime: 30Hours

Condition is Excellent:  Light dust colouring on parts of trailing edge shown in photo for total disclosure.  Otherwise no damage whatsoever.  Colour is limited edition “Jade” (blue green and rather less crazy than the standard Adam colours)

Included:  Wing bag in excellent condition, repair kit never used, brand new rucksack in mint condition also never used.

Price: £1,450

(New Price: £2,600)

GIN Atlas (EN-B low) Size S (75-95)

The GIN Atlas is a low EN-B glider with an excellent reputation. The Atlas is suitable for beginning to intermediate pilots. Despite sitting in the lower to mid range of the EN-B category, the climb and glide performance in challenging conditions is ideal for long XC flights.  Long progressive brake travel for a wide safety margin.

Airtime: 50Hours

Condition is Excellent:  The odd light dust colouring on upper surface shown in photo for total disclosure.  This could easily brush off.  Otherwise no damage whatsoever.  Colour is “Apple” (Red with bits of white and green)  Wing weight is 5.6kg

Included:  Wing bag and rucksack in good condition, new compression strap

Price: £1,250

(New Price: £2,800)