SIX reasons students choose to learn with Passion Paragliding

  • The Best Instructors

    Passion Paragliding is a fully accredited and registered BHPA School and all our instructors are BHPA rated Instructors.  Our instructors are personally selected by World Record Pilot and Senior BHPA Instructor, Toby Colombé for their depth of experience, their dedication to your safety, their friendliness and enthusiasm.  In reality being a qualified instructor should be considered a bare minimum.  What makes our instructors so special is not only their broad experience but their passion for the sport.  They are totally focused on your safety and with the fun and friendly atmosphere in Ager you’re sure to have a great holiday and go home with a qualification to be proud of.

  • The Best Flying Sites

    Our training centre is located in Ager (Spain) – possibly the best training venue in the world.  Not only does Ager boast 4 main launch sites and a perfect little training hill for your first short “hops”, but the views are simply outstanding.  What really makes this venue a stand-out favourite amongst paraglider pilots is its reliable weather.  Before learning to fly, it’s often difficult to appreciate just how important the weather is.  Sites in the UK are VERY unreliable: when it’s not raining, it’s too windy or the wind’s blowing from the wrong direction.  Here in Ager, you’ll find that conditions are exceptionally reliable and this above-all is what will accelerate your progress, so you get to spend more time in the air, develop your skills quickly and get qualified in record time.

  • The Best Equipment

    We teach using ONLY brand new equipment.  The newest equipment is not only the safest but you’ll find it a lot easier to learn with than the old rags lots of other schools use.  Old paragliders  are often difficult to inflate,  harder to launch and fly and can make the learning process a whole lot more frustrating.  Modern gliders are much easier to fly and launch.  Our wings, our harnesses and even our helmets are all brand new.  We are one of only a very few BHPA schools using reserve parachutes for extra safety – all brand new – for your safety and ease of learning.

  • Weather Guarantee

    Because our school is located in possibly the best flying venue in the world, we feel especially confident that we can more or less guarantee the weather.  Of course, even in one of the most reliable flying venues in the world, it can rain.  However, we think that this is so unlikely that we’re prepared to bet on it.  If you can’t get qualified during your week because of the weather, come back and we’ll train you for free!  As long as you come back within 12 months, your training is free.  Our competitors hate this, but unlike many other schools we don’t keep billing you if your training takes longer than you expect.  Once you’ve paid for your course, you’ve paid for your course – that’s it!

  • Small Groups

    Unlike other schools we don’t stuff you into big groups.  Our maximum group size is just 6 students.  That means you get more love and attention!  We love training groups of this size and we think you’ll love it too.  We attract a great mix of fun-loving and open-minded people of all ages.  By keeping our groups small, you get more individual attention, more flying practice and you can speed your way through the training tasks much more quickly.

  • Going the Extra Mile

    There are many ways that we know we’re adding way more value than the others. Here’s some examples:

    • Special ground trainer wings (no expense spared) for ground training. These make learning to ground handle much easier so you can progress and improve more quickly.
    • Video cameras to film you. This is massive!  At the end of the flying day, have a look at your technique and see where improvements can be made.  In our experience this helps students understand more deeply any adjustments to their technique that they might need to make.
    • Tandem gliders as part of your training. That means you get to fly WITH your instructor.  This is great for students who are nervous about the height or want the added confidence of flying with an instructor.  Again, we’re going above and beyond.

    There are really loads of little ways in which we go above and beyond.  We also never watch the clock: if the weather’s good we’re here for you.